“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” 
― Ernest Hemingway

Novels by Kendall Morgan Hall

Details: Written – 2002. Second Edition – 2017. 232 pages.

Summary:  Historical Fiction. Loosely based on the Kennedy grandchildren (John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy’s children) and their struggles to reconcile the privilege of their upbringing with the family’s instilled sense of duty.

Trigger warning: Sexual assault (integral to the story but diliberately not described). 

Not By Overt Means

Details: Written – 2005. Second Edition – 2018. 210 pages.

Summary: Historical Fiction (20th C). Loosely based on the time that Roald Dahl spent as a British spy in Washington during the Second World War.

Cold Exquisite Beauty

Details: Written in 2015. 186 pages.

Summary: Historical Fiction (20th C). Loosely based on the life and death of Carolyn Bassette.

The Death of Charlotte Adler

Details: Written in 2016. 202 pages.

Summary: Fiction (Mystery/Thriller) – A young prodigy is found dead in her home on Christmas morning and Detective Kate Watson and her new partner, Detective Joseph Barker are tasked with solving her bizarre murder.

Coming Soon

What The Poets Are Saying: The Life and Times of Notable Poets

Details: Coming in 2021

Summary: Non-Fiction (Biography – Poetry) – Placing well-known male and female poets in the context of their time and role in history. This book will analyze how their poetry was influenced by their time and how it contributed to and interacted with the culture of the time. A curated selection of poets from the 19th to 21st century.

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