Book Review: Press Here! Massage for Beginners by Rachel Beider

Publication Date: February 26th, 2019. Publisher: Fair Winds Press.

press here!Press Here! begins with both Rachel Beider’s credentials (she studied in Thailand and Sweden and now has a practice in New York) and a list of things that getting a regular massage can do for your health (including helping with chronic pain, relaxation, and depression). From there the book helps you “plan your session” by teaching you various strokes and what they accomplish. The book also teaches you stretches to do in order to look after your own body before you massage someone. The book goes into depth about how to address major muscle groups in your massages and what kind of work to do in order to address various ailments (such as headaches). Lastly, the book teaches you how to perform a self massage (either by hand or with a tennis ball). Press Here! is a very visually appealing and comprehensive book that taught me a lot about massages. If you have any interest in learning proper technique so you can massage your partner or do a self-massage, then I highly recommend this book. This book will teach you all the terminology to impress your partner and your friends (for example, “effleurage” is a term that means “long, gliding, rhythmic, and gentle” strokes).

Thank you to Net Galley and Fair Winds Press for an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

Grade: A+

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